Betsey Girl Dreams

Today went by quite fast, and although I planned on getting a lot done on my ‘to-do list’, I managed to knock out 2/4 – not so bad considering I ran into a few slumps here and there. I spent some time with my sister watching the Disney Channel, and I began to reminisce about how I use to dress very similar to the characters when I was younger (as in a few years ago… or now… I’m not ashamed!) You know those characters they showcase that are very hyper/out going, chatty, and bubbly? Where their outfits matched their personalities perfectly – hot pink and baby blue tops, cute frilly skirts, loads of accessories and make-up to coordinate it all together? That was me, and I’m beginning to think it’s slowly coming back – the bursts of colors, textures, patterns, and overall bold fashion – but in a more sophisticated, “grown up”, manner.

I realized why I enjoyed (and still do!) dressing in fun bright colors and uncommon patterns, prints, and textures – even if it didn’t make sense to others at times, it made perfect sense to me and made me feel 100% happy, no matter if anything went wrong. I suppose I can definitely say that this is (among many other reasons, of course) why fashion has such a huge effect on me and plays a major role in my life; it truly can, and does, affect my mood and character on a specific day (based on what I am wearing). Do any of you feel the same way? I’m assuming everyone does, even if they don’t know it. Think about it for a moment: most people before heading out the door to go about their day – whether they throw something on in one minute, or take the time to coordinate an outfit in its entirety – have what they are wearing take some sort of toll on their character that day, be it how they (want to) portray themselves to others or how others interpret who they see.

 Dream come true! ♥ We look like best friends, she’s such a sweetheart.

I have always envisioned myself as a Betsey Girl (any others out there?!), but not until lately have I (finally) realized that I’ve stopped envisioning it, and began molding it into who I am, because it truly makes me happy, more optimistic, and motivated to live my dreams and passions. I feel it’s important and beneficial for everyone to find some sort of trademark in themselves like this (aside from themselves, if that makes sense), in order to live a dream they’ve always dreamed of. For me, the whole Betsey image is about confidence, freedom and feeling positive, fearless, and passionate about your life. I couldn’t ask for anything more out of myself, and it sure helps that her clothes, jewelry, and entire line speaks just like her personality and mission! (; One of my dreams is to be featured as one of the top Betsey Girls for her Pink Spotlight – I know I will make it there someday!

Off to bed now! I have to get use to sleeping early since classes start on Monday. I can’t wait for them to start and to use my cute new planner (pics on Sunday!). Sweet dreams.

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