Three Ways to Wear #2: Spring & Summer Stripes

Stripes were seen all over the spring/summer 2011 runways from dresses and skirts, to tops and blazers, and even shoes and accessories – they’re everywhere! We all know that stripes need to be placed in the appropriate place on your body, depending on your shape, to ensure you look your best. If not, the pattern can pile on an unflattering shape – nobody wants that!

Before getting down to 3 stylish ways you can wear stripes – think in your shoes, blazers, jewelry to name a few – I’ve provided a few hot tips to get you started and ready to sport the classic trend.

via fashiongonerogue
  • Even if you’re long and lean, you should still be careful upon wearing vertical stripes, since it will make you look longer – not in a good way. You can, however, wear horizontal stripes from head to toe, like this dress.
  • For curvy ladies, keep your stripes to your upper body to flatter your lovely curves. Pair a striped top with dark trousers, like the wide-leg seventies pair that are super popular this season. This will disguise anything heavy on your bottom half. Throw a fitted jacket on top for even more accentuation on the waist.
  • For petite girls, wearing vertical striped skirts or dresses just above the knee will make your legs look miles long. A longer length will do the opposite so stay away from those! Wear with heels for even more height and add a belt to your dress to pull in your tiny waist.
  • Colorblock: try pairing a neutral striped jumpsuit with a bright blazer – the instant pop screams confidence and energy. 
  • When wearing stripes to work or any other professional setting, keep the colors neutral. Simple as that – take a look at the ‘office chic’ look below! 
  • *Secret: Keep the brighter stripes on areas of your body you’re most comfortable with; i.e.: if you have a small bust and torso but curvy bottom and legs, place the brighter hues on top to highlight your best assets! 

Let’s get down to the looks. With stripes, I use to feel they should be kept minimal, neutral, and look classic. Pretty sure that my mindset on that has changed now since we’re seeing stripes in different ways: various directions and colors and paired with a number of clashing items to colorblock or simply create a collage of patterns that actually work –  on clothing, accessories, and even shoes.

Option #1: Skirts & Dresses
Ways to Wear Stripes #1: Skirts & Dresses!

Ways to Wear Stripes #1: Skirts & Dresses! by abcDanah 

Option #2: Tops & Jackets

Option #3: Everything Else!

Ways to Wear Stripes #3: Everything Else!

What is your favorite way to wear stripes? I need to grab
one of each of the items above – especially striped dresses and skirts!

Share your thoughts below!

5 responses to “Three Ways to Wear #2: Spring & Summer Stripes”

  1. You have no idea how much I adore stripes. You inspire me to wear them more often.


  2. Me too; that's so great to hear Megan!

    What's your favorite striped piece to wear? I'm looking for a striped maxi skirt right now – really loving the long, effortlessly-chic look!


  3. I love shoes with stripes!


  4. love love love the striped dress with red accessories!


  5. BbyAngel: Me too! Never noticed them much before until now!

    Ladybehaves: That's one of my fav looks – love the mix of modern and retro!


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