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Red Shoes

It’s been over 100 degrees every day this past week – it’s pretty terrible especially since the air is so humid and hot. Because of this, I find it harder to pick out clothes, no matter how many options of light-weight fabrics and minimal pieces I have. Going out and having a good time in the heat is also a challenge, which is why I spent most of my time indoors and I actually enjoyed every bit of it!

My friends and I had a slumber party and I can definitely say it was one of the highlights of my summer so far. The best part of the night was when we all gathered to watch a horror movie: The Red Shoes. A 2005 Korean horror film inspired by the fairy tale of the same name, it’s about a vain girl who could not stop dancing in her captivating red shoes. Set in Seoul, Sun-jae leaves her unfaithful husband and moves into an old apartment with her young daughter, Tae-su. One night when Sun-jae is returning home, she finds a pair of red shoes in a subway train and takes them home, only to later uncover the curse behind them.

Her obsession continues to grow, arousing envy and greed with mysterious nightmares and visions. Even her daughter and a friend fall victim to the power of the shoes, resulting in hysteria and theft of the shoes. Soon after the friend takes the shoes, she dies, and the shoes magically return to the daughter. With help from her new boyfriend, Sun-jae tries to discover the mystery behind the red shoes before they kill her and her daughter. Later, we find out that the old owner of the shoes escapes from harm but the person who takes them dies, and their feet are chopped off. I know, gross, but it was so so good and I definitely recommend it. Some of you may have even heard of and read the fairytale first!

So how about the fact that I never want to wear red shoes again… just kidding – I love red shoes and how the color is such a statement one that can be deemed as love or hate. I’m going to feature a post soon all about wearing red for the fall – it’s a huge trend for the up-coming season!

Here are a few great pairs to wear for the end of the summer and a few to transition into fall.

Red Shoes

Red Shoes by abcDanah 

Beat the heat by getting yourself together with a group
 of friends, loading up on tons of cake and brownie mixes,
browsing through Netflix and enjoying a cool summer
 night indoors.

 Just don’t let anyone steal your pair of red shoes! 

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8 thoughts on “Red Shoes”

  1. Michelle: I love them! I really need to get some red shoes now.

    Heather: You definitely should have one before summer ends – they're so nostalgic and it's a definite good time!



  2. Maycie: Me too! I like how they're clean with no embellishments, makes them more wearable!

    Manvi: Yay!! That's awesome – especially since red is such a classic color, combining it with monochrome hues is perfect!



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