work on your art.

When it comes to gloomy weather, there’s nothing more that I would like to do than sleep. I know, it’s terrible! I’ve decided to make an early New Year’s resolution to not waste time – no matter what – and to be the most productive I can possibly be. There are a number of things that separate each blogger – and person, of course – from the next, and one thing I find to be on the top of that list is musical taste.

IFB’s 24th project is all about that – creating a playlist of your top songs that fill you with motivation, inspiration, or simple joy. I thought this would be a great post to do after this long and unannounced hiatus I’ve taken (which I’m seriously so embarrassed about and sorry for!). I’m definitely one to pump up music loud when I get dressed to go out and I’ve found myself choosing the music I play in relation what I’m going to do that day. That’s not the case exactly with this feature, though; rather, I’ve compiled a list that simply motivates me into the following message below:

Listen to Batman – he’s right! It’s really hard to go through over 4,000 songs in my iTunes and narrow this list down to under 20… so I most likely forgot a bunch that I otherwise wanted to include, but oh well. The ones I’ve chosen today are motivational, inspirational, and mood-lifting. Hopefully they will pump some energy into you as well, because I know that there are some hermits out there right now that need a boost as much as I do.

  1. Aaliyah – Try Again
  2. Carolina Liar – Show Me What I’m Looking For
  3. Coldplay – Paradise
  4. Coldplay – Lost!
  5. Hilary Duff – Why Not?
  6. Kris Allen – Live Like We’re Dying
  7. Lights – Lions
  8. Modest Mouse – Float On
  9. Tinie Tempah – Written in the Stars
  10. The Veronicas – 4ever
  11. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  12. Lupe Fiasco – Daydream
  13. Lupe Fiasco – Superstar
Finals are eating me alive right now so I’m hoping to get really energized from here on and forward – I can’t stop now! When it comes to music, what are your favorite songs that you can always count on when you’re in need of motivation, inspiration, up-lifiting, or all the above?! Share with me!
I’m going to do my best to update in-between this hectic two weeks of finals. I still update my Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook though, so do follow those if you don’t already! As always, submit any suggestions and/or questions you have regarding fashion, style, & beauty (or anything of the like) to my formspring – I’ll answer all and pick my favorite(s) to feature in a ‘Saturday Secrets’ post!
I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are making the best of the last month of this year – I cannot believe it’s almost over! Not sure about you, but I’m looking forward to some major New Year’s resolutions.
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One response to “work on your art.”

  1. Love Coldplay – Paradise!
    xx Ilka


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