Mini Holiday Wishlist

As we all know, it’s the holiday season which is partly why I haven’t posted in quite some time. Not only do we have extended hours at work – open an hour early and close an hour later – but I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing in the Spring for school (right after the semester just ended, I know!), all while finding time in between to spend with my family and friends! You all feel me on that, right?! I’m sure.

It’s been a bit of a chaotic (but surprisingly nice, being busy and whatnot) feeling but I feel like everyone is this way towards the end of the year! Nonetheless, I have an entire list of New Year’s resolutions that I’m hoping to definitely stick to this upcoming year. One is to find a good balance between blogging, schoolwork, and social life. This is a non-negotiable! More on that list later, though.

Below is a mini compilation of my wishlist for the holidays – trust me, it can go on forever so I narrowed it down to a few random choices from the infinite list!

  • I always love staying in during the holidays partly due to the fact that I fill my room with scented candles that go along with the season. This time around, it’s all about cinnamon and gingerbread; but of course, I always include cupcake/vanilla all-year-round!
  • Ever since single collars became quite the little trend this year, I’ve fallen in love! When looking for a jacket or coat, I always need the option of having the collar be detachable; and with this new invention of your own singular collar, there’s no need to fuss about finding a jacket or coat with or without one!
  • I love pajamas. I’d like a good pair though, since mine tend to shrink a lot. Plus, being tall, I feel that Victoria’s Secret has lengthier options that will last me a while. Slippers are always a must in the winter, too! I’m currently obsessed with my reindeer pair that I received last year (:
  • Anyone who has seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s can instantly recognize this sleeping mask worn by Holly Golightly aka Audrey Hepburn! It’s probably the cutest mask I’ve ever seen and it’s back in stock at fredflare – I need to have it! 
  • Obsessing over seam-back and garter hosiery for the longest time now and still haven’t snagged myself a pair. Why? I have no idea. I’ve seen several cute pairs at asos, too – I’d pretty much like them all.
  • Lip gloss/tinted lip balm is my new love! I carry different colors in my cosmetic bag which goes with me just about everywhere. Still haven’t found my perfect match, though, so I’m definitely open to trying new ones. I’ve heard only good things about korres (which can be found at Sephora), so I’m thinking of trying out their products soon!
  • To me, hats can instantly sophisticate any outfit, especially if a cloche or beret is worn. Blair Waldorf pulls them off beautifully on Gossip Girl and ever since seeing her always look so put together with her various styles, I’m thinking I need a few pairs in my life, aside from the several berets I’ve collected over the years.
  • Disney is purely magical and the fact that it’s in jewelry form with the Disney Couture collection just makes me so much happier and makes it that much more magical. It’s the perfect gift to give and receive during the holidays. Who wouldn’t want a gold-plated Mickey Mouse adorning their neck or a ring that says “believe?” I do…
  • About a year ago, I lost my favorite pair of leather fur-cuff gloves. I was so devastated! You know when you find that IT item – whatever it may be – and you’d be absolutely crushed if something ever happened to it and feel as if nothing could replace it? That’s how I feel with these gloves. I’m hoping I can find a pair just as lovely as the ones I use to have!
What is on your wishlist for the holidays? I’m sure we’ve all done so much
 holiday damage in shopping already as well as continuously adding
 items to our list to make it that much more difficult for others to shop
 for us. At least we’re prepared for endless holidays, right?!
Stay tuned tomorrow for a unique Three Ways to Wear post – I promise I’m going to do my absolute best to keep this more updated. It’s quite embarrassing (and frustrating on my end) going on such a sudden and long hiatus – sorry! 

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