Staying Stylish During Frankenstorm!

Even if you don’t reside on the east coast, I’m sure you’ve heard the dubbed “Frankenstorm” that’s due to hit grounds as early as tonight. Are you ready? I’m pretty sure nobody is, especially since this time around, people don’t seem to take it too seriously – but you should! This is the real deal. Step up your preparedness with protective pieces that will have you safe from drowning your way to pick up more flashlights and water bottles.

Even if the storm bypasses where you live, this is definitely the season and time of year when we all sit back and think… okay, when is it going to come?! Hurricane season is here – gather your friends, family, and pets and stick together.

While I’m sure you would love to stay inside forever, it IS Halloween soon and most of us still have work and school, so beat the monster storm with some rainy day, waterproof essentials that will protect you as you trick-or-treat and frolic the streets! Even if they don’t live up to protecting you 100%, at least they will brighten up your day and you’re sure to look super cute!

  1. Birdcage Umbrella: Lulu Guinness $50
  2. Star Rain Cape: Vero Moda @ ASOS $38
  3. Contrast Trimming Trench: Mango $115
  4. Irregular Lapel Trench: ROMWE $170
  5. Buckle Rain Boot: Dirty Laundry @ DSW $50
  6. Lace-up Pink Rain Boots: RED Valentino $195
  7. Beige Bow Rain Booties: ModCloth $55
Stay safe, dry, and warm! In-case I am out of power (which is
very likely at the moment), have a Happy Halloween – I’ll be back
Wednesday or Thursday hopefully!

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