The Perfect Cool-Weather Coat for YOUR Body!

Being from the Midwest, my cold-weather styling strategy has always been the same: Layer up, stay warm, look chic. With that said, I never want to sacrifice my silhouette for the sake of dressing in 2+ layers to feel nice and toasty. However, I can say that coat shopping – like jean shopping – has always been tricky for many, as finding that flattering shape can be quite difficult when you’re trying to keep the majority of your body warm.

In an endless sea of outerwear to choose from, I’ve compiled a few options to find the one that truly complements each and every frame. The best part is that they still fall under this season’s hottest trends, including military, cocoon shapes, skirted bottoms, and bright colors. We toppled Sandy with our trusty rain boots and trench coats, bring it on cool weather!

 With your small frame, your best bet is to pick a coat that won’t completely hide your body. The length should hit no further than your hips and try to avoid super-dramatic embellishments – instead, look for rich, bold colors like the ones above! I love wearing yellows, reds, and greens in Fall – matches the trees!
 For pear shaped bodies, you want to look for straight shapes and big, dramatic collars to draw attention towards your shoulders and bangin’ upper body. The straight shape will also help in balancing your ah-mazing below-the-waistline curves.
 Your long and lean body is absolutely perfect for pulling off an equally long-lined coat. Look for ones with funnel necks to further accentuate your streamlined, ballerina-like shape! 
Your figure calls for coats that will help to create instant curves. Look for military-inspired styles with feminine details like peplums and flowy bottoms. While strong shoulders and double-breasted details will flatter your top, the belted-peplum middle and skirted bottom will work the same panache on your lower half. Win-win!
 The trick to finding your IT coat is choosing a cut that flatters, not flattens, your best assets. Look for coats that are single-breasted with skirted bottoms, and preferably ones with a thick belt to tie it all together while showing off your bangin’ tapered waistline. 
 For you ladies with shorter torsos, you get to don two trends in one with a blazer coat. Not only are they in style right now, but the piece also happens to flatter a range of body types. The long lapels will help elongate a shorter torso – just remember to pick a hem that doesn’t extend too far past your hips, so you can show off your legs as well! 
In general, it’s best to avoid shapes that cling to your largest area when choosing a coat. For apple shapes, look for a wrapped coat with an all over pattern which will create an A-line shape, flattering without drawing any unwanted attention. Plus, you’ll feel so cozy all wrapped up like in a blanket!
I’m pretty much in love with this Vivienne Westwood coat and would probably wear it even though I don’t exactly have a curvy body. The asymmetric cut is instantly flattering since it’s designed to wrap the body. The fit will be hugging your curves in all the right ways – voila!
 Now that you have all the information you need to snag a coat based on your body type, shop away! Let me know what your favorite types of coats to wear are, even if they aren’t deemed to be for your shape… it happens to all of us from time to tome if something is just that darn cute. 

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2 responses to “The Perfect Cool-Weather Coat for YOUR Body!”

  1. I LOVE THAT H&M Plum colored one!!!


  2. Ahh me too! The fur collar looks so cozy!


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