"Down on the West Coast I Get This Feeling…

Like it could all happen”… and it has! Happy Fashion Week and moving week to me!

That’s right, I made my big, dream move to San Francisco last week and it’s been nothing short of wonderful and magical so far. In the short amount of time that I’ve been here, I’ve enjoyed every single second, from my new house and roommates to the cute little town I’ve slowly been making home. Everything has a unique charm to it here and there is something new to do and see just about every minute of the day. I can’t wait to meet other fashion bloggers and enthusiasts and really “blast-off” Panache Offblast into what I’ve always dreamed it would become!

This is just a little update post for now on what I’ve been up to, in addition to really wanting to show off my new Michael Kors track pants.

Hat: Diesel
Sweater: Betsey Johnson
Track Pants: Michael Kors
Flats: American Eagle

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2 responses to “"Down on the West Coast I Get This Feeling…”

  1. Christine Keesee Avatar
    Christine Keesee

    You look amazing, lady! And it looks like you're having a blast, I'm so so so happy for you. Now I'm gonna come visit, cause it looks absolutely stunning there.


  2. Thank you love! I am, it's been so wonderful and I'm super blessed! Please do visit anytime (:


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