Spooky & Pretty Halloween Inspiration

With the recent premiere of American Horror Story: Freakshow (which was absolutely incredible and I’m so excited for the rest of the season) and the anticipated season premiere of The Walking Dead tomorrow, I’m definitely feeling Halloween more and more, alongside its tendency to creep up on me sooner than I expected. Last year, I was everyone’s favorite childhood ventriloquist doll, creepy smile and all. I simply can’t justify buying a pre-made Halloween costume anymore, unless it’s designed impeccably well and I’m in a hurry. Plus, I’ve really been eager to amp up my make-up and design skills, so I’ve browsed around for some inspiration!

What are your plans this Halloween as far as costumes and festivities?

all images via Pinterest
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3 responses to “Spooky & Pretty Halloween Inspiration”

  1. Wow, some of those are amazing!


  2. Love your blog! I just followed you on Bloglovin, would you please follow me back? 🙂
    Michaella from http://quitealooker.blogspot.com/


  3. Those inspirations are great. I wanted to go on a Halloween party next week.. actually, I wanted to go as a black cat, but now I'll take that make up from the girl with the flower headband. Looks creepy!

    Mimi's Bulletin


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