My Moon | Alexander McQueen


There’s something about the kind of clothing that’s not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, but also touches you in a way that actually means something more than just a reason to wear. This year’s whimsical Alexander McQueen show made me feel something just like that.

There’s a reason Drogo calls Daenerys the “moon of [his] life” in Game of Thrones; for long, women have believed that a cosmic connection with the moon runs in our blood. Albeit a myth, it’s a symbol of femininity, lunacy, and fertility, and may just be the fuel behind Sarah Burton‘s (who’s also pregnant) collection for Alexander McQueen’s latest show. Burton described her woman as “almost sleepwalking, in a state where reality and dreams become blurred.” I’ve always been heavily intrigued by the line between wakefulness and dreams, alongside the conscious and subconscious, so this collection really resonated with me.

The magical pieces Burton designed had models appear in planetary appliqués, velvet slippers, and embroidered coats, alongside florals, butterflies, fantasy creatures, and McQueen-like feathers. While the collection had several elements of delicate romance, as Burton put it of her muse, she came “alive at night,” with stiff corsets, leather, and lingerie dresses adorned in sheer lace.

The technical expertise and attention to detail Burton assembled for this collection was incredible, taking hundreds of hours of masterful labor by dozens of specialists, resulting in a breathtaking show.

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