Current Obsession: Marble Accents


You know you have an obsession with marble when your boyfriend dreamt about you redoing the kitchen countertops in a marble finish… 😹

My obsession with marble as of late has become too real, and if you’re on the same page as me, keep reading.

When thinking about marble, we typically imagine luxurious, expensive kitchens and Renaissance-like accents that look like they fit right into a museum in Italy. These days, however, the lavish stone can be carved and crafted into a variety of home decor pieces and lifestyle accents, using ceramics to give the same effect, without burning a hole in your wallet or turning your house into the Caesar’s Palace (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but hey, to each their own!).

Whether you’re looking to transform your kitchen or office space, or simply add little marbled details to really elevate your home, here are my favorite pieces that match a variety of budgets!

  1. Bloomingville Hexagonal Accent Table • $248: Sure this may be a little much $$$ for an accent table, but look how pretty it is! I love the goldtone finish and sleek, minimal lines that accompany the hexagonal shape and marble top. Truly the perfect addition to glam up any space.
  2. cupcakes and cashmere Marble Column Table Lamp • Cupcakes And Cashmere • $134: You know a piece is worth adding to your home when it’s by cupcakes and cashmere! I love that this lamp features a solid, smooth lampshade that doesn’t take away from the gorgeous marble finish.
  3. Dot & Bo Marble and Copper Wall Clock • Dot & Bo • $33: I’m not usually a fan of wall clocks because I find them pointless (hello, we live in the digital age, who needs a clock? This is sad, I know); but this Dot & Bo one is so pretty, especially with the copper accent and white wooden frame.
  4. Thirstystone Marble & Wood Paddle Serving Board • Thirstystone • $37.99: If you’re a fan of entertaining and hosting dinner parties, you might as well do so in style, like with this marble and wood paddle serving board. Perfect for appetizers, desserts, or whatever your cravings desire.
  5. Marble Tapestry • Urban Outfitters • $49: I love the idea of quickly amping up any room with a tapestry, as you can take them up and down walls without the fuss, mess, and worry of ruining your walls!
  6. Anthropologie Marble & Acacia Cheese Board • Anthropologie • $68: Pineapples are pretty. Cheese is life. This is the perfect product. Enough said.
  7. boohoo More Creating Marble Notebook • Boohoo • $10: Decorate with marble accents isn’t just for the home, carry it around in your purse, too! This simple notebook is perfect for sketching and/or jotting down thoughts.
  8. Rachel George Acrylic Marble & Gold Pencil Cup • Rachel George • $34: I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect desk accessories in rose gold, marble, and white accents, and I may just have to snag this pencil cup!
  9. Dot & Bo White Marble Pillow • Dot & Bo • $31: Ok, this pillow is way too cool to not snatch up for a pretty accent to any bedroom or office! I love that it’s in black and white, too, rather than the typical white and gray marble finish.
  10. Assembly Home Marble Duvet Cover • Urban Outfitters • $119–149: Top off a pretty bedroom with an eye-catching marble duvet cover. I’m pretty sure I need to redecorate my bedroom now…

Are you also a fan of marble accents around the home? If so, let me know how you decorate!

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