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This past week and weekend was filled with getting decked out and dolled up! I love dressing up, and working at Betsey Johnson allows me to do that pretty much every day without any reservations. Being a stylist there has also definitely brought out more of my dressy side on a daily basis – not necessarily wearing dressier clothes but you know, dressing up, putting different outfits together based on specific styles and such.

via Ryan Charchian – thank you!!

On Thursday, me and the Betsey ladies & our amazing Betsey lovers celebrated National Pink Day with a pink party that had such a wonderful turnout! Most of my friends ended up coming which was a very nice treat – even some of the guys wore pink ’cause of course, real men wear pink!  Our lovely manager (also area manager) Jane Roser went all out for the party – and when I say all out… you’ll understand more of what I’m about to say with the pictures to follow. She let me borrow a beautiful metallic pink sequin dress that made me feel like a Barbie Princess… which I loved! As for decor, I blew up around 25-30 balloons to display in the window, we dressed our mannequins in our prettiest pink outfits, Jane created these adorable signs taped on popsicle sticks that read “Pink Me!”, “No! Pink Me!”, and she held a stick of pink cotton candy while I was given a (delicious) pink lollipop.

via Ryan Charchian – thank you!
How cute are the eye masks we have?! Jane stumbles upon the most unique little treasures and comes up with such great ideas for events – so much fun working with her and the Betsey girls! The rest of our party included pink jellybeans, cupcakes, donuts, champagne, lemonade, rock candy, and other yummy pink delights. During the festivities, we had a raffle every 10-15 minutes that gave off great prizes – Betsey bags, tees, and the biggest prize of all: an amazing original piece of artwork by Betsey herself!
via Yulia Mikhalchuk of DressHopper – thank you!!

All in all, the night was fantastic, our guests had a blast, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen that much pink in my life (which isn’t a bad thing!) I hope our store wins the competition – in case you missed my previous post on what this party was all about… I’ll tell you! It wasn’t just to celebrate and honor National Pink Day, it was also a contest between all the Betsey stores. Whoever throws the most spirited pink party and has the best ‘pink’ customers, wins a personal appearance by Betsey herself! I definitely feel we gave it our all and much more and above all, our customers had the best time. So we’ll just have to wait and see!

The following days left me in a spirited mood (Betsey does that to you!), particularly a retro-mod one. I was feeling 60s and what better way to get into the spirit of mod fashion than black and white, bold thick stripes, and polka-dots?! Yes… I mixed them all together – never thought I would combine these patterns but the overall look turned out ‘outta sight’ (I’m cheesy, if you didn’t know already)
What do you think of combining polka-dots and stripes? I had so much fun putting the outfit together – even completed it with a twisty bun on the backside of my head and a thick white plastic headband with hollow hearts.  I impulsively bought these nifty stockings off eBay about 2 years ago without knowing how I’d wear them, but I knew I had to have them. A few months ago, Forever21 brought back their mesh/cotton polka-dot dress (only $8!) and I snagged it immediately! Like I said, I never thought of combining the two patterns before, but when I put them on… I fell in love! The tights are sneaky considering you can wear them with the front showing black and the back showing white, or the opposite. Such a surprise when you turn a corner from someone – I had people stop me just to comment on them! What patterns would you pair together? Or do you think the idea is just whack?
That’s all for today; I hope you all have a happy Monday, 
despite the sort of gloomy weather (at least it is here!)
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